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Based in Pierrefonds, Acupuncture West Island is the passion project of Maxime Deshaies and Audrey Lesquelin.

A fascination with Chinese medicine and Eastern philosophy led them both to pursue in-depth studies in acupuncture, one of the world’s most ancient forms of medicine. The business partners are leaders in their field.


In 2018, co-founder Stéphanie Montplaisir decided to create a website with Linkeo in the efforts to expand her online visibility and give her company a more professional image.

Groupe Nettoyage Après Sinistre can handle even the most overwhelming disasters.Based in Bécancour, the miraculous cleaning team is here to help you manage the aftermath of a housefire, flood, accident or worse. They also offer more traditional cleaning services.


Led by acupuncturist, Julie Lallier, Clinique de médecine complémentaire offers massage therapy, osteopathy, and acupuncture treatments, as well as laser acupuncture.

Because it is somewhat isolated from Mirabel’s higher traffic streets, the business relies on a strong online presence to attract new customers.
Complete with boosted SEO, the company’s Linkeo website allows for solid visibility and a constantly growing base of loyal customers. 

With a Linkeo website and subscription to our Expert Pack, la Clinique Laser Dagenais benefits from a slick, modern brand image and boosted visibility.

Founder Jean-Claude Dufresne chose Linkeo, because “he wanted a more high-performance product” compared to the tools and solutions he had already tried.